Room In The Inn is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit religious organization.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by current laws and regulations.  Our Tax ID is 62-0811413.

We depend on donations to supply basics in hygiene, food, shelter and life’s other necessities for our participants.  Below is a list of commonly needed items.  We rely on in-kind donations to meet these needs.


In-kind donations may be dropped off at our downtown facility, 705 Drexel Street. Thank you for your support.

  • AA & AAA batteries
  • Antacids and pain relievers
  • Art gift cards (Plaza, The Art Store)
  • Backpacks
  • Books and magazines
  • Bottled water
  • Boxers and boxer briefs (new, adult sizes)
  • Bus passes (one way and all day)
  • Chapstick & lotion
  • Cough drops
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Flip-flops (rubber, new, men’s L & XL)
  • Foot powder (travel size)
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Gift cards (Kroger, Target, & Walmart)
  • Gloves (new, adult sizes)
  • Hand warmers
  • Hats (new, adult sizes)
  • Hooded sweatshirts (new, adult L to 4XL)
  • Men’s white socks (new)
  • Playing cards
  • Puzzle books
  • Razors
  • Reading glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Thermal underwear (new, adult L to 4XL)
  • Toiletries (travel tooth brushes, toothpaste, etc.)
  • T-shirts (new, adult L to 4XL)

     Our United Way Designation Code is 7366